Signs to know that a company is a scam

Do you that, there are less honest people in the world every day that passes by? Do you know that with the advent of technology, it is easier to scam a person now than then?

Scammers are always on the lookout to rip innocent people of their hard earned money, but if you are wise, you can detect them and cut off all contacts with them. Wisdom in this cased has nothing to do with how smart you are, your life experiences or even your age. It is when you know what to look out for, that you can detect a company that is out to scam you.

When it comes to scammers, it is better to be safe than sorry, so when you recognize any of these tell tale signs, do well to cut off all contacts with them.

Here are the tell tale signs to detect a fraudulent company, or a business that is out to scam you;

  1.  Check their address on the web:

Most legitimate companies have websites on the web, even simple solutions like an AfricaLinked page, but this does not mean that any company with a website is legitimate. If the website is looking unprofessional, this is a tell tale sign that it might be a scam. Also, if the website is unsecured, it is another telltale sign that it is fraudulent. A legitimate company would have a secured, encrypted website which is shown by the padlock in front of the web address. If the website is showing red, a broken key, or an open padlock, it is a sure telltale sign of being a scam.


  1.  Call the company:

If a number is listed on their website, call them up and see if they answer the call as their business and if they are professional. If they do not sound professional, then it is a red flag and it is time to take your business elsewhere.


  1.  Physical Address:

A legitimate business must have a physical building in a state, and this means they have to be registered in that state. For them to be registered, the CAC must verify them, whether they are legitimate or not. I have been saved from being scammed by a fraudulent company, because at the last minute, I checked for their physical location. Sometimes, a scammer company might list an address, s the onus is on you to go to the location and check it. Here are things to watch out for when visiting a company’s location;

  • Does the building look corporate? A faded building with no clear inscription of the company’s name is a telltale sign of a scammer company.
  • Do they own the building? While some firms may share office space with other firms, a so called company that is hidden in a shopping mall is probably not one you want to do business or any transactions with.


  1.  Corporate account:

The rigor involved in creating a corporate account makes it difficult for a scammer company to have a corporate account. Therefore, when I am not sure of the legitimacy of a company, I look for the account they use. If they offer a personal account, it is a telltale sign that they are scammers.


After all is said and done, go with your instincts, and remember that, it is better safe than to be sorry.


Companies making a difference in Nigeria

Until 2017, when Nigeria lost the top spot to South-Africa, she was the biggest economy in Africa, and the fastest growing in the world. It did not get there through sheer politics, but by its industrious citizens.

There are a host of foreign companies in Nigeria, but the companies really making a difference in Nigeria, are owned by Nigerians and were birthed from a love of Nigerians, and the willingness to solve the problems of Nigerians.

These companies have made an impact in all sectors of the economy, provided revenue for government, been on the fore-front in youth empowerment and curbed the unemployment rate in Nigeria. They have also helped in putting Nigeria on the map when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Without further ado, I present to you, these 8 companies that are making a difference in Nigeria.

  1. House of Tara.

House of Tara is owned by the delectable Tara Fela Durotoye, a Nigerian-born lawyer, who found a passion for makeup artistry and went with it. She launched the first ever Nigerian bridal directory in 1999, and in 2004 opened the first beauty academy in Nigeria, which is a leading beauty academy, not only in Nigeria, but also Africa.

House of Tara has inspired a lot of Nigerian youth to seek a means of livelihood in makeup artistry through scholarships to the beauty academy. Tara Fela Durotoye has not only made a difference through her company, House of Tara, but also through her life. She is a mentor to many beauty entrepreneurs across Africa.


  1.  Flying Doctors Nigeria.

This is the first ever Nigerian air ambulance company that provides medical services around the clock and all year round. It is equipped with superior medical devices geared at providing quality service to Nigerians even in remote areas without accessible roads. This company was founded by a phenomenal British-Nigerian, Ola Orekunrin, a medical doctor changing the medical field in Nigeria. The company was founded out of a desire to give quality medical services to Nigerians, no matter where they lived.


  1. Auldron Limited.

Auldron limited is a company that has made a difference in the lives of many Nigerian children, through African themed toys, that teach them about their cultural heritage. This company was founded by Paul Oriajiaka, a young man who at the age of 18, realized that most of the children toys in the market, had no cultural relevance to them, and promoted the foreign culture. The company was founded out of a burden to instill a sense of self-image, and pride in their cultural heritage, early on in a Nigerian child’s life.

Auldron limited manufactures dolls that represent the three major tribes in Nigeria, and these dolls have been received well in the Nigerian marketplace and even internationally. Proceeds from sales are used to fund NGOs that promote girl child education and also renovation of schools, through Paul Oriajiaka’s community outreach.


  1.  AD Consulting.

AD consulting is Nigeria’s leading architectural firm founded by the phenomenal Olajumoke Adenowo. AD consulting designed more than seventy buildings including, Nigerian government buildings, hotels, and industrial campuses, financial and corporate institutions. Their notable clients include Coca-cola building and L’oreal.

AD consulting is not just designing buildings, but they are branding Nigeria through architectural designs.


  1.  Ruff n’Tumble.

Ruff n’ Tumble is a children’s clothe designing company that caters to children from age 0-16. They are not just selling clothes, but changing the fashion and culture of Nigerian children. It was founded by Adenike Ogunlesi, a woman who sold her first children’s clothes from the boot of her car and at bazaars. Ruff n’ Tumble is the leading children’s fashion house, not only in Nigeria, but also in West-Africa.


  1.  Chi Farms.

Chi Farms is a company in the poultry, catfish, cattle, feed milling and food processing business. They have made a difference in Nigeria by aiding Nigerian poultry farmers get access to quality breed of day old chicks, whose quality rivals those obtainable abroad. They thrive on providing security to local supplies, this they have achieved by going into profitable partnerships with other companies in the agricultural business.


  1.  WeCyclers.

This recycling company was founded out of pure love for the low-income Nigerians. It recycles waste especially from low-income communities through an incentive based recycling program. WeCyclers are helping communities in developing countries, keep their environment clean and also capture value from waste recycling. It was founded by a Nigerian entrepreneur and innovator, Bilikiss Adebiyi.


  1.  Secure ID.

Secure ID is a smart card manufacturing company and the only one in Nigeria and West Africa. This company has succeeded in placing Nigeria on the tech map with their innovative ideas. Secure ID serves sixteen countries across Africa. This company is also certified by verve, Visa and Mastercard.

So there you have it, the 8 companies making a difference in Nigeria.